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Elevator Installation


Established in 1998, IFE ELEVATORS are dedicated to vertical transportation solutions. IFE designs, manufactures, installs and services transport systems for most buildings. Over the past two decades, IFE have grown to become one of the safest and most reliable providers of lifts and elevators globally.

As part of the IFE global expansion, a local well established company has been chosen to partner with and create IFE South Africa. Through this global footprint, we are able to move people cost effectively.

If you are a Property Developer, Architect, Project Manager, Facilities Manager, or a home owner, make IFE your choice for lifts and escalators.

IFE - we keep South Africa moving



Compact Machine Room & High Speed Elevator
Our METIS elevators can be customised to your specific requirements.

METIS-CR (compact room) & METIS-HS (high speed) is our Compact Machine Room series passenger elevator, designed for mid and high speed applications. These elevators can reach heights of 60 floors, and can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.

The efficient gearless traction machine leads to a 40-50% energy saving when compared to the traditional geared machines.

METIS-CR is designed for the medium-rise office and residential building and uses a gear-less machine.

METIS-HS can go up to 60 floors with a speed of 5m/ second.

Machine Room-less Elevator

JOYMORE MRL elevator is designed to save on the cost of excluding an elevator machine room requirement. This allows for the incorporation of an elevator into your building without changing the architectural aesthetics. Furthermore, the JOYMORE control panel which can be installed at any level, allows for enhancements to the interior building décor. The adoption of PM / synchronous gear-less traction and VVVF driving system contributes to a 40-50% energy saving when compared with the traditional geared machines.


JOYMORE-HL MRL home lift is designed for home use with no large scale construction required for installation. While giving the same performance of the MRL installation, the JOYMORE-HL requires a shallower pit and lower overhead height which makes it ideal for home use. Customisation in design allows for your personal taste and style to be reflected.


The ATLAS series offers a wide range of freight elevator products both in standard and customized design and suitable for all heavy lifting requirements. It is known for its reliable performance, high efficiency and energy saving features. CTRL80 integrated control system provides for efficient system performance. Durable and elegant car design configurations and a user-friendly operation control interface makes the ATLAS series an excellent choice for your commercial or industrial projects.

FPA: For your vehicle transportation requirements.

ATLAS: For your freight and hoist requirements.


Our GRACES elevators, with four performance models available ensure efficient and reliable travel for both public and commercial applications.

Grace elevators are aesthetically pleasing while offering superior performance.

Graces elevators cater for all airport, shopping centre and transit system requirements.


Key features
  • Auto lubricating system

  • PLC control system

  • VVVF driving system

  • Eco-dual, intelligent, bi-directional and normal

  • Four performance models


IFE Elevator Standards, Certificates and TUV compliance documents.

Eurocert SA: Metis
Eurocert SA: Joymore
Eurocert SA: Escalator
Adopting International Standard



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