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METIS-HS can go up to 60 floors with a speed of 5m/ second. Comparing with traditional geared traction machine, it only need half overhead and machine room space as well as saving more than 40-50% energy. Due to variable specifications, METIS can offer flexible vertical transportation solution for your high skyscraper builds.

Control board 70A
  • 64 bits micro computer with three 8 bits sub micro

  • Serial access communication technology

  • Group control system up to 8 elevators (Option)

Gear-less Traction Machine
  • Permanent Magnet Gear-less tract machine.

  • Compare to traditional traction machine, it saves energy consumption more than 40%.

  • It is designed for sound environmentally friendly, the noise range is generally be low 5 ~ 10 decibels.

  • It has Long service life, safe and reliable.

  • No oil, it does not need to be lubricated.

  • Save more construction space for our customers.

VVVF Door Operator
  • Synchronized belt drive with big driving capacity and higher control accuracy.

  • Door operator install on the top of elevator car directly and it can be adjusted conveniently.

  • Rated frequency conversion motor with low frequency and large moment force.

  • Advanced VVVF digital motor processor and IPM intellectualized power module.

  • It uses operation front panel with digital display.

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