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METIS-CR is designed for the mid-rise office and residential building, it adopts the gear-less traction machine and the energy consume almost 40% less than geared traction machine. Also, the gear-less traction machine with no oil requirement, so it does not need to be lubricated repeatedly. IFE provides different cabin customize designation to our customer, it helps our customer to choose the one of the most suitable cabin for the building construction.

Control board 70A
  • 64 bits micro computer with three 8 bits sub micro

  • Serial access communication technology

  • Group control system up to 8 elevators (Option)

Gear-less Traction Machine
  • Permanent Magnet Gear-less tract machine.

  • Compare to traditional traction machine, it saves energy consumption more than 40%.

  • It is designed for sound environmentally friendly, the noise range is generally be low 5 ~ 10 decibels.

  • It has Long service life, safe and reliable.

  • No oil, it does not need to be lubricated.

  • Save more construction space for our customers.

VVVF Door Operator
  • Synchronized belt drive with big driving capacity and higher control accuracy.

  • Door operator install on the top of elevator car directly and it can be adjusted conveniently.

  • Rated frequency conversion motor with low frequency and large moment force.

  • Advanced VVVF digital motor processor and IPM intellectualized power module.

  • It uses operation front panel with digital display.

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